Web Footprint

A web footprint audit is an evaluation of traffic acquisition patterns, user experience factors and measurable outcomes that affect business reputation.

Ideally the audit is carried out before any major changes are made to any of the digital assets associated with a business including its website.

Our Web Audits are different

Most web audits look at the website in isolation. We examine six evidence categories in the context of the full web footprint of your business. Our audits identify SEO opportunities but not to the exclusion of other useful information.

A Worked Example

Does this story strike a chord? 

Lovely Natural Blooms provides flowers for weddings and events. They generally acquire customers through word-of-mouth referrals and the Internet didn’t seem to be bringing them any new clients.

They had an inbox full of unsolicited offers to fix their SEO. You probably have an inbox full of these too. “Hi, A few days ago I came across your website and I can make your website rank #1 in Google Search.” Was this the solution?

Instead they commissioned an Astrantium Audit Lite report and within days they had advice on simple, inexpensive actions they could take immediately. Their website, built by a family member on a premium Wix plan, needed addressing too: the Astrantium Audit Lite report set out the pros and cons of all the available options.

Lovely Natural Blooms made changes that brought in new customers straight away and they avoided paying for another unsuitable, ineffective website.

We offer two audit products

Audit Lite requires minimal time and input from the business employees and provides a broad oversight of the web presence of the business. The six-page audit report indicates clear, prioritised actions. Buy Audit Lite online.

Our Full Audit usually takes half a day face-to-face or by video-conference with all internal stakeholders, some of whom will also be involved in preparatory data collection tasks. Read more about the full audit.

Full Audit

Funnel to full Audit. Awareness on front page. Lead nurture here: interest, set out the process.

Audit Lite

The six-page pdf report covers:

  1. visibility – Can customers find you online?
  2. brand alignment – Does the way you look online match your real world reputation?
  3. user experience – Do you meet customer expectations?
  4. online assets – What have you got? What’s missing?
  5. competitors – How are your competition doing in comparison to you?
  6. technical integrity – Is everything ship-shape under the hood? Is anything broken?

Social validation. More information about the benefits to make the case. Conclusion/recap. no commitment, link to the detailed form.