Commitment to Accessible Website Delivery

At Astrantium we are committed to providing websites that are accessible to all, regardless of ability or constraints. Our websites meet many of the standards and guidelines and we are working to improve both the accessibility and the usability of our sites.

Accessibility Tools

The colours of the text and background pass the relative luminosity test at level AA or better.

To extend the standard browser accessibility tools, we have installed an accessibility menu to help you change the appearance of the Astrantium sites to suit your needs.

The accessibility menu icon is on the left of the screen.

Using the accessibility menu you can

  • view the page as white text on a dark background to increase the page contrast
  • change the size of the text

The Astrantium sites supports ARIA landmarks.

Premium Content

The Astrantium sites each have three levels of content:

Guest – free to use without login or payment
Members – requires registration and login
Premium – usually a paid service or otherwise restricted

Premium services will alway require a series of positive actions to purchase and it is unlikely they could be purchased accidentally.


We use WordPress themes that claim to be accessible but we are aware of the following issues. None of the sites can currently be converted to greyscale. On the publishing site some headings get much smaller when the text size is increased. We are working to fix these problems and to make better use of the tools available to us.


Should you have any difficulties using any of the Astrantium sites, or any comments on their accessibility, please contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as we can: within 24 hours where possible.

Thank you for visiting Astrantium.

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