A day at the office

A day at the office

The first action of the day is to lift the blinds and check the state of the sea. This sets the tone for the day – calm, stormy, grey, blue, lively, mill pond. The second action is to feed the office cat – James Clerk Maxwell McCat, known to his friends as Jim.

Inevitably there will be WordPress plugin updates to install and some general administrative tasks. Around 11am it’s time for a break – a cup of coffee taken out to the sea front where Fife Council has helpfully provided a range of park benches of various sizes and designs. It help to take the binoculars with you because invariably there is a bird or a boat or something floating in the sea that can’t quite be made out with the naked eye. Occasionally it’s a grey seal, usually it’s just a float from a lobster creel.

Some websites are an essential part of working here:

  • Tides4Fishing for the weather forecast and the state of the tide
  • Marine Traffic to help with the identification of passing boats, ships and the occasional oil platform.
  • Scottish Birds for bird identification

After a bit more work it’s time for lunch. This may mean a trip up the wynd to stock up on bread from or lunch out at Funky Scottish or The Cocoa Tree.

Karon McBride

Writer, consultant, founder Astrantium Hosting.

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